What is Website Audit?

It is an audit of your website review and overall performance assessment.A Website Audit is conducted primarily for marketing purposes, as it identifies your campaign’s flaws to boost its exposure on search engines.

The reason of why you need a website audit

1. First, examine your SEO efforts. SEO’s many features boost your website’s performance. Keyword research, content optimization, on-page SEO, link building, local SEO, etc. An audit lets you examine these areas and enhance methods. A bad SEO strategy won’t work.An audit might help you reevaluate your SEO approach to optimize it. You may evaluate your keyword list to see which aren’t working and add new ones. Check your backlinks for credibility. All these steps may raise your SEO and search engine rankings.

2. A website audit analyzes traffic and conversions. You can see which channels are popular. Along with internet traffic, you must assess quality leads. If you’re not obtaining targeted leads, utilize more relevant keywords and content.

3. With the numerous of mobile user in browsing website and make buying decisions through mobile phone. It is the need in analyzing your website if it is mobile user friendly to attract more traffic.

4. Security and privacy is the crucial issue as a responsibility to protect customers and enhance the confidence during they browse and buy goods in your website. Going through the web site audit, your can make sure your website is durable and safe

The service that we provide
1. Technical Audit

2. SEO audit

3. Usability Audit

4. Backlink Audit

5. Social Media Audit

6. AdWords Audit