QA Services are necessary for any custom software development in order to reduce the risk of producing incorrect software. Manual software testing assures predictability and repeatability, and automated software testing ensures that even minor changes or additions to the product do not compromise its functioning. Frequently, a combination of manual and automated processes is necessary.

We deliver superior quality and Faster Time-to-Marlet with QA testing service

Test Consulting

Our Test Advisory Service is intended to assist you in aligning your present business needs with your future roadmap in order to achieve software targets and a higher degree of maturity. We also assist firms in establishing their Test Centre of Excellence and work closely with them to create their TCoE’s vision, strategy, and structure.

Functional Testing

Functionally compliant software with DevOps-aligned Test Automation & Manual Testing. Further, making sure the software remains defect-free post frequent changes with Regression Testing and keeping them mobile ready with a sub-optimal approach based Mobile Testing.

Non-Functional Testing

Performance and Load Testing for rigorous stability testing of software under peak loads, and Security Testing to protect them from cyber attacks by assuring their integrity, authorization, and authentication. Utilize Usability Testing to provide a smooth user experience and Accessibility Testing to ensure software conforms to compliances and requirements such as W3C’s WCAG 1.0/WCAG 2.0 and the Stanca Act.

Data Testing

Protect against the loss of crucial data with strategic Performance/ Security Testing, Business Functionality Testing, Audit Report/ Data Quality Report, and Automated ETL Data Validation. We allow ongoing ETL pipeline testing to assure data correctness and integrity.

Next-Gen Testing

Testing of AI-powered sophisticated smart software, functional and non-functional testing of bots with strategic RPA Testing, and Digital and Web Testing Services using Agile, Iterative, and DevOps approaches to provide a bug-free experience. In addition, we provide Peer/Node Testing and Smart Contract Testing for Blockchain-based applications, as well as IoT Testing with QA for IoT test automation frameworks, tools, and devices.

Specialized Testing

Functional and non-functional testing with data security and end-to-end Cloud Implementation Testing, as well as Unit, Load, Security, Runtime Error, and Web User Interface (UI) Testing under API/Web Services Testing. Under Globalization & Localization Testing Services, we provide Linguistic, Cosmetic, and Functional Testing, as well as ERP, CRM, BPSM Testing, and Test Data Management Services for safeguarding sensitive company data.

How do we do?

Manual Testing

We promise that all of your testings, whether manual or exploratory, will be conducted in a precise way to assure the quality and stability of the final product. Our testing teams have years of expertise evaluating a wide variety of software products and can anticipate any possible mistakes that need to be resolved. With us, you can be certain that your program will be bug-free from zero to one hundred.

Automated Testing

We are aware of the drawbacks of performing every work manually and have amassed extensive test automation knowledge. With your help, we’ll decide which processes and procedures are most suited for automation and write the corresponding scripts, making the test case simple to repeat and freeing up resources for imaginative and exploratory testing.

Our service process:

01. Analysis and planning

  • Analyzing project requirements and planning QA activities
  • Defining tools and techniques for software testing

02. Preparation

  • Setting up a test environment and preparing testing workloads
  • Creating testing scenarios and test suites

03. Integration

  • Executing tests and reporting bugs
  • Updating test scenarios

04. Verification

  • Fixing bugs
  • Performing regression testing

05. Reporting of test results

  • Checking deliverables
  • Reporting results of product testing

Why choose Easy Technology to be your partner in QA & Testing services?

Lower costs :  for specialist hardware and software for your infrastructure for quality assurance.

Early feedback :  from a committed QA crew. In cases where there are various time zones, test results are sent by 9 a.m.

Early feedback :  of QA artifacts, resources, and software assets.

Assuring your product’s security , high availability , scalability , and usability .